News From the District 2002

8 December 2002 Annual Carol Service.

The annual Carol Service was held in the Town Hall, Carrickfergus. The Service was very well attended and those present enjoyed the occasion. The offering will be donated to charity. Our thanks are offered to Rev McFarland for conducting the Service and to Magheramourne Silver Band for their music.

22 October 2002 Election of Officers.

Best wishes to those who were re-elected or elected to Office for the first time. Several changes took place with two new Officers being elected and others moving to new positions. The District Committee also gained new members. Full details are available from the District Secretary.

12 July 2002 Boyne Anniversary.

The Districts of the East Antrim Combine held a very successful parade that was enjoyed by those taking part and spectators alike. This was the first time since 1990 that the 12 July Parade had been held in Carrickfergus. The District Lodge would like to thank all those who helped in any way to make this event such a success.

23 June2002 Widows Fund Service.

New regalia for the use of the District Lodge was dedicated at the Widows Fund Service held in Carrickfergus Congregational Church.

8 June2002 Annual Pageant.

One of the most successful and enjoyable Pageants for years took place. Many visiting brethren and bands participated, several being in period costume. Junior Brethren and Sisters travelled from Liverpool and added to the occasion being dressed as William and Mary and other members of the Court.

The Officers and Members of Carrickfergus District Loyal Orange Lodge would like to sincerely thank those Districts, Lodges, Apprentice Boys Clubs, Bands, and individual Brethren who attended and helped in any way to make this event such a memorable one.

Photographs are available elsewhere on this site.

24 May 2002 Charity Gift.

Carrickfergus District Lodge made their annual donation to charity and this year The Ulster Cancer Foundation were chosen by the members as the charity we would donate to. The offering from the Carol Service together with other donations was presented to the Ulster Cancer Foundation in The King William III Memorial Orange Hall. The sum of £600 had been raised to help the Foundation in their much needed work.

30 March 2002



The Worshipful District Master, Officers, and Members of Carrickfergus District Lodge deeply regret the death of  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Her Majesty The Queen on the death of her Mother.

Our prayers are with the Royal Family at this time.

25 March 2002 Apprentice Boys Parade Banned

The (No) Parades Commission

has barred a loyal order Easter Monday parade from the lower Ormeau Road in Belfast. The commission has ruled that the annual parade by the Apprentice Boys of Derry will not be allowed to cross the Ormeau Bridge. The decision on Monday evening followed opposition (and threats) from nationalist residents from the lower Ormeau area. According to Gerard Rice spokesman for the residents, a decision to grant permission for a parade would be resisted by residents (previous item). The commission said that in making its decision, it had paid particular attention to the fact that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Sean Graham betting shop murders. (Absolutely nothing to do with any Loyal Order). Route restrictions have also been imposed on another Apprentice Boys parade in Castlederg.

17 March 2002 Lr Ormeau Rd residents may object to Apprentice parade

From The Sunday Business Post Online.

By Frank Connolly
Dublin, Ireland, 17 March, 2002

Residents of the Lower Ormeau Road in Belfast have been warned that an Apprentice Boys parade may be permitted to march through their area on Easter Monday.

Despite an appeal to the Parades Commission by the relatives of five people killed by loyalists on the Lower Ormeau in 1992 not to permit such a parade, residents have been told of plans to grant a request from the Apprentice Boys.

"There is growing concern about the Apprentice Boys being allowed to parade down the Ormeau Road on Easter Monday," said Gerard Rice, a spokesman for the nationalist residents on the Lower Ormeau.

He said a delegation made up of relatives of those killed in the Ulster Defence Association attack on the Sean Graham bookmakers shop in February 1992 received a sympathetic hearing in their recent meeting with the Parades Commission.

However, sources in the Northern Ireland Office are believed to have expressed a view that the Apprentice Boys should be allowed to parade down the road this year in their feeder parade to a larger march in Derry on Easter Monday.

In recent years, permission has been refused to the Apprentice Boys who have not marched down the Lower Ormeau since 1994 although permission was granted last year.

However, the planned parade was cancelled due to the foot-and-mouth crisis in the North.

According to Rice, a decision to grant permission for a parade will be resisted by residents.

"A decision to allow a parade will send a message to the community that they will never be freed of sectarian parades," he said.

8 March 2002 Woodburn Orangeman Honoured

Members of Woodburn Ebenezer LOL 787 unveiled the newly named "Robinson Room" in Woodburn Orange Hall. The room was named in memory of Bro William Robinson who was for many years a highly respected member of LOL 787. Bro Robinson who had received his 50 year service jewel a few years ago was one of the most dedicated members during the Orange Hall renovation program. The Lodge said that they were proud to remember Bro Robinson by renaming the room in his memory as he had made a major contribution to the history of the Lodge. He helped to rejuvinate the Lodge and had spearheaded the campaign to have the Hall refurbished.

Family of the Late Bro Wm Robinson & Hall Committee

18 February 2002 "Parity Of Esteem ?"

Martin Meehan, a former IRA commander in Ardoyne, made the remarks on the republican propaganda film, which was sent anonymously to The Observer .

His comments undermine claims by Sinn Fein that the party is trying to reach an understanding with Protestants and unionists. At the beginning of the tape Meehan is seen arguing with a line of riot police during protests against an Orange Order parade passing by Ardoyne last summer.
As residents remonstrate with police officers, Meehan intervenes and shouts to one local man: 'John, John, they [Protestants] get all they f****** want. They [the police] can corral us into our area, they couldn't corral them Orange bastards from stopping four-year-old children from going to school.' His reference to four-year- old children is related to last year's loyalist
protests outside Holy Cross Primary school, in particular the Protestant residents of Glenbryn, a small unionist enclave that surrounds the school. In the video Meehan, who was once arrested in the Irish Republic after a gun battle with police and troops, appears to warn police officers about a potential riot. When the police refuse to let one elderly resident through their lines close to where the Orange parade is about to pass, Meehan says: 'Do all youse want - you will suffer the consequences big time.'The veteran republican stood for Sinn Fein in the South Antrim constituency in the last general election and increased the party's vote. He has been in the van guard of nationalist protests against Orange marches in the constituency and has campaigned against drug dealers in Antrim town. The film begins with the Union flag coming down from a flagpole and being replaced with an Irish Tricolour. The opening credits then state: 'A Schanache Video Film'. It dissolves and is replaced with the words: 'A Rushlight The Belfast Magazine Video Production'. It is understood that the video was not for public consumption, but for internal party education, as well as being shown to Irish-American supporters. The bulk of the video concerns the protest and subsequent riot in Ardoyne
following the Orange march on 12 July last year. The cameraman focuses on leading republicans from the north Belfast area, including a man named in Parliament as the IRA commander behind the 1993 Shankill fish shop bomb, which killed nine people. The video also shows police officers under attack from Ardoyne, including several sustaining injuries during the disturbances. Intermittently, the film cuts to another march by republicans in west Belfast. During the parade the cameraman picks out Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams walking through
his native Ballymurphy behind three rows of men marching in military fashion, wearing white shirts and black ties. While the Orange bastards remark may have been said in the heat of the
moment during the marching season, the comment contradicts Sinn Fein's official policy of being an anti-sectarian party. More crucially, the remark flies in the face of recent Sinn Fein moves to assuage unionist fears about a united Ireland. At the World Economic Forum
in New York, 10 days ago, Adams, accepted that republicans would need to
win unionist consent in order to establish a united Ireland. Adams repeated the need for republicans to become persuaders for Irish unity last Friday. This represents an ideological role reversal for Sinn Fein leaders who sold the ceasefire to the IRA rank and file in the early
Nineties by claiming the British government would publicly persuade the unionists to support a united Ireland in return for a cessation of violence. ref:,6903,651705,00.html

Antrim Borough Council in their web site ( ) describe Martin Meehan as follows.

"Councillor Meehan is a member of the Environmental Services Committee, Public Services Liaison Committee, Equality Steering Group, Lough Neagh Advisory Committee, Lower Bann Advisory Committee, and the Police Liaison Committee".

26 January 2002 Installation Of Officers

The installation of District Officers for 2002 took place in The King William III Memorial Orange Hall. Many visitors from County Antrim Grand Lodge and Belfast County Grand Lodge as well as neighbouring District Lodges were present.

All members wish the newly installed officers every success during their term of office.