Monkstown True Blues - Loyal Orange Lodge 508

Monkstown True Blues LOL 508 was one of the original four Lodges that formed Carrickfergus District Lodge in 1868. The Lodge warrant can be traced to Ballymena in 1829 and then Tyrone in 1831. The Lodge in 1856 can be traced to Kellswater eventually arriving in Carrickfergus at Woodburn in 1864 the Worshipful Master being James Poag. The Lodge at this time was part of Larne District. During 1872 the Lodge moved to Knockagh where it continues to meet. At it's peak in 1950 LOL 508 had 77 members. In 2004 Monkstown True Blues will have been associated with Orangeism in Carrickfergus for 140 years. The members of the Lodge hope to publish a history of their Lodge to celebrate this special anniversary.

LOL 508 are still initiating new members and hopefully will continue to prosper. On parade the Lodge are usually accompanied by Star Of Knockagh Accordion Band. The band was started by Lodge members and band practices are held in LOL 508's Orange Hall.